heraGender: Female
Date of birth: 2008
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Hera is the protector of marriage in Greek mythology. Our Hera is the protector of the family and promises to love you forever.
She is a sociable doggy who hopes her jetblack coat will woo you. She’s been in the shelter ever since she was only a few days old. She was born somewhere on the Chiristigii street in Bucharest, in a public institution. Her mother was tolerated there but no one thought of neutering her so she gave birth to only one puppy she cared for more more than anything in the world. One day she lunged at a client and the building manager called the dog catchers. Upon hearing the decision of the building manager, someone called us to take her and her puppy from that place. Her mother passed away a few years later and unfortunately nobody wanted to adopt Hera so she is still waiting for a miracle. The doggy is lively, sociable and fully deserves to belong to a family.
If you would like to adopt her, please write to us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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