BerniceGender: Female
Date of birth: ?
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Bernice is an adult doggy that, in our opinion, is only a few years old. Up until several months ago she was part of a pack of feral dogs on a brownfield near Bucharest. It took us some time to befriend her and after she gained confidence in us, we neutered her and then released her back on the field where she used to live. We felt compelled to do this because in a few hours she destroyed a transportation cage and we feared she would not endure captivity.
After a while we kept finding Bernice with bite wounds so we feared for her life and decided to take her in our care.
She adapted so well and grew so fond of her pen that when we tried to take her out for a short walk she resisted and we could not move her out. Under no circumstances did she want to go out in the street. We could not convince her that this was just a walk, but we will try again.
Bernice is now in a summer outfit meaning her coat is trimmed. Her coat is normally thick and bushy but not too long.
We recommend Bernice to a family that has a yard. She is very docile, friendly but also vigilant.
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Bernice 2