50940418_2497658056973402_6623224030134534144_oGender: Female
Date of birth: ~ 2017
Neutered: YES

On Christmas Eve I was heading home and in the middle of the road, I saw a kitten asking for attention or maybe carolling. A young couple had stopped in their tracks and the man told the woman, “Don’t touch it, I don’t touch such things” and then they went their way.
Then the kitty came to me and was very happy to be taken in my arms. I thought maybe she belonged to someone from nearby houses so I put her down and told her to go home, but she didn’t do that, she followed me meowing all the way so we went in together through the gate and then the young lady lounged near a heater, she ate her fill after she drank a lot of water and fell fast asleep.
Craciunita (Romanian for Christmas lady) is very gentle and very affectionate so she deserves a responsible family. If you like our caroler that ended up in a warm place because she knew how to ask and you want to adopt her let us know at:

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