Birth Date : November 2017
Medium-sized dog

Odette is a part of the five dogs found by us in a forest.

She is the only one of them left without a family, that is because she is a little bit shy. Because of this, she is staying in temporary accommodation in an apartment.  YES she is adapting perfectly in the apartment because she is always prefering to stay close to her family.

Her progress can be gradually seen : she comes when you call her, she knows some orders, such as : sit, lay down, wait and she is always coming happy with her belly up to be caressed.

We are still working on making her less scared of the noises from the outside (to ignore them) and to make her be less scared of unknown people (especially men), to always make her needs outside, to not get shoes in the place where she sits and to stop crying when she wants to play with cats.

She is feeling safer and at ease in the house, that is because people from the outside disappointed her. Even If she was disappointed she always comes to be caressed and to give people kisses. She has a medium to low energy.

She still needs a permanent family because she can not stay in temporary accomodation for a long time. She started this education project but only her family can finish it, as normal.

If you want to know Odette please contact us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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