55680134_2627447593994447_2724754783322767360_nGender: Male
Date of birth: November 2018

Who cares about him? No one, judging by the animal protection authorities’ lack of reaction.
But it is not so because regular people with little resources have a soul as big as the universe and they do everything in their power to help animals to the best of their ability.
This handsome tomcat was trapped in a warehouse where he lived the first months of his life. He has a mother, two more brothers that are to be captured in the same way and had two other brothers who unfortunately were accidentally crushed by forklifts.
That is why we were asked for help.
He is the first captured kitten, who fortunately does not seem to be traumatized in any way. He let himself be maneuvered after being trapped, he did not bite, he did not hiss, he did not defend himself.
Moty, as we called him, was just a bit scared. He gradually started to build some confidence, to enjoy being touched, he purrs quietly so that only trained ears can hear him and he hopes to get a loving, patient and dreamy family like him. So, what are you waiting for?


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