Be careful if you have pets

catelusa cu viermiDear friends if you keep your pets outside, it in the yard at night and if you live in an area with mosquitoes would be good to check if your animals have heartworms.
Please read the link below, which refers to the disease.

For our last dog which was taken to the shelter with her seven puppies, did not seem to feel very well today, so we took her to the vet and test her for Microfilariaand unfortunately it was positive.

Our shelter is located in a field and most dogs have this problem due to the large number of mosquitoes in the area.
For their treatment we need financial support. Dogs are now treated with doxycycline and ivermectin over very long periods of the time.
The specific treatment for this disease that would solve the problem in a shorter time is called Immiticide is very expensive and therefore impossible to procure.

Tests and treatments for the dogs mean a financial effort of proportions. We have over 170 dogs in our care and most likely the majority has heart worms.

If you can help us treat our dogs you can do it by donating to the account:
Robi Animal Protection Association
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EURO Account: BCR 2 RO05RNCB0073049952070005
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or online via PayPal (available on

If you can to donate us Immiticide, please contact us at:

Thanks in advance to all who will give us a hand to solve this situation.