SOCIAL CASE. 18 cats with only one chance to life: ADOPTION

pisicile 18They are beautiful, most of them are docile and old and are in urgent need of help. All of the cats have been taken from the streets by a person that cannot keep them inside the house so with the help of another elderly person are kept in a small, dark, cold and highly unhygienic storehouse. Their protector recently underwent a surgery for cancer and visits them daily for food but that is all that she can do.

Unfortunately, our foster care possibilities have run out so we can only help with food, litterbox sand, medicines and promoting their case in hope of adoption.

Their protector has given her consent for promoting the cats so their only chance to a better life is to be adopted as soon as possible. Please share their story so that they won’t live in cold and filth for long.
Te cats are very loving but we assume that most of them will never know waht’s like to feel love, warmth, cuddles and kisses but maybe life will change for at least some of them.
If you wish to save one of them, please contact us:

Think about what is like to warm up next to a heater when you’re cold and that these cats can only dream of that warmth, shivering constantly.