Europe, please help us!

nu eutanaserToday, September 25, 2013, the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the law allowing euthanasia of dogs that are retrieved from the streets and not adopted within 14 days IS constitutional. In less than half an hour, the Romanian president, Traian Basescu, had it already signed and promulgated. 
Europe, please help our stray dogs! We did what we could, everything that we could think of, but it wasn’t enough. We don’t t know what else to do to abolish this law and adopt a better, more humane and more efficient law instead.

Meeting at the General City Hall on Thursday, July 11, 2013, for the dismissal of the ASPA leaders

Thursday, July 11, 2013, between 12.00 and 14.00, the organizations for the protection of animals and representatives of the civil society that care for animals are organizing the protest meeting at the City Hall, demanding that the leaders of the Authority for Surveillance and Protection of animals should be dismissed.
The term of office for the present leadership is expiring in August, and we want it not to be extended. We are specifically referring to the terms of office of Mr. Treeroiu Bogdan for the position of General Director of the Authority, the terms of office of the project directors Razvan Bancescu and Ancuta Claudiu – they all should not be kept anymore in their positions. Continue reading

Message to the Bucharest City Hall

Dear Bucharest Mayor,

When will we be able to congratulate you like we congratulated the Mayor of Oradea on his initiative?

Oradea City Hall announced it will promote a regulation concerning the neutering/spaying of dogs on private and public property during a local council meeting on October 23. According to this regulation, owners whose pets are 6 months or older will be required to neuter/spay their animals, with the following exceptions:

1. Dogs unable to undergo surgery for medical reasons

2. Working dogs assisting disabled individuals

3.   If the dog owner pays a $100 yearly fee per dog. This money will be used to support dogs in local shelters. Continue reading

“Doggie, doggie” Association, The Association for Animal Protection “ROBI”, The “Take-me-home” Association, The Caleidoscop Community Development Association, The “You are not alone” Association, The “Doggie-Dog” Foundation, The National Federation for Animal Protection and the Romanian Federation for Animal Control and Protection invite you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 9:00AM at a rally

Purpose: To speed up the debate and implementation of the legislative project that modifies OUG 155/2001 regarding the handling of homeless dogs, which anticipates the construction of shelters for dogs, cats and large animals, the sterilization and release of homeless animals, the identification, registration and sterilization of animals who have owners. 
Location: Bucharest, Parliament, the Chamber of Deputees entrance, 2-4 Izvor Street, sector 5 (in Izvor Parc). Continue reading

The ROBI Association invites you Monday, April 13, 2009 between the hours of 12:30 and 16:30 in front of Bucharest City Hall

The ROBI Association invites you Monday, April 13, 2009 between the hours of 12:30 and 16:30 in front of Bucharest City Hall, in a show of support for the only measures capable of solving the problem of homeless dogs and cats. Sorin Oprescu, the Mayor General, understood the situation related to this problem and chose the option most beneficial to the citizens of Bucharest. He is also the first mayor in Romania who wishes to solve this problem. Guess who opposed the ONG proposal that matches the intentions of the Mayor? Precisely those who should have supported it: the general councilmen.
Q: Do you have an idea who stands to benefit from the presence of homeless animals in the streets?
A: Those responsible for the management of homeless dogs.

Bucharest = a fortunate city regarding the path taken for the protection of animals

Bucharest = a fortunate city regarding the path taken for the protection of animals
Oprescu= a decisive mayor, unlike any other
Noutati demersuri autoritatiToday, February 23, 2009, a debate on the proposed decision regarding the detainment and population control for dogs and cats in the municipality of Bucharest took place at City Hall. Those who participated in the debate were individuals interested in the acute problems related to companion animals in general, namely:
– the issue of dogs who have owners, yet, because they are allowed to breed and the offspring are dumped onto public property creates the second problem:
– the issue of homeless dogs
as well as authorities and ONGs. Continue reading