What can we do about it?

sterilizeaza_smallTaking into account what we know so far, we consider our priority to neuter as many pets that have an owner as possible, therefore stopping the abandon of unwanted dog and cat babies.

We definitely claim that neutering the owned dogs we efficiently use the donations we get. As you might have noticed, many of the dogs and cats that don’t have an owner end tragically, even of neutered. Some are poisoned, some are caught by the dog catchers and taken who knows where.

The owned animals we sterilize enjoy, on the other hand, a long and good life. Owners don’t abandon them anymore, because they don’t cause problems anymore. This doesn’t mean we neglect the stray animals, but each time we neuter them, we also make sure they live in a fairly protected area, less exposed to the street perils and most important, to the dogcatchers.

We truly recommend all pet owners to neuter their pets if they respect them and want to enjoy their company for a long time.