Birth Date : October 2013
Medium-sized dog

Cora is a pretty dog, always playful, who came to us after we recieved the next message :

Good Morning,

I am writing to you because I need your help. I found a dog who looks like she is 4 months old, injured, by a car I guess, he can not move. He is in Rahova, on Alexandriei  Street. I saw that he is injured at his legs from the back, he is crying for help.

Please If you can save him!

We took the dog and we found out that her spine is not broken and that she can heal. The little one is ok now and she is ready to have a family.

Cora is healthy now and she walks normaly. She is friendly, loving and it would be very sad for her and for us to spend her whole life in the shelter. We hope that she will be adopted soon and that her story will melt someone heart, someone who is able to be her family.

If you can help Cora, please contact us at :

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cora 2