78769808_3321423671263499_7354290956415270912_oGender: Male
Date of birth:
Size: Medium-Large
Neutered: YES

Someone abandoned a dog that once had parts of his hind limbs amputated. We don’t know his story before the moment he was found. A man with a good soul fed him for a few days after he had found him, put him on a blanket and started making calls.
That’s how the dog came to our care. We don’t know anything about his past yet, but we would like to know, so if anyone recognizes him and knows his story, they should contact us at:

But we can tell you what his current situation is. This remarkably sensitive dog that displays an out of the ordinary trust in humans only moves on the front limbs, has collar marks on his neck and seems to have had a good life until the moment of abandonment.

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