81799856_128344448651348_7286193524087717888_nGender: Male
Date of birth: 2010
Neutered: YES

Gray goes on hoping to be taken home. He is such a gentle and good tomcat, you couldn’t imagine. He was found in a very bad shape and whoever found him asked for our help. Despite the hard life he most likely had, he is eager to be petted and purrs when held.
Investigations have shown that he is infected with IVF, but his condition has not deteriorated and he has no symptoms, and he quickly got over the cold upon receiving treatment. He is about 10 years old and can still stay by his HUMAN’s side for many more years, provided he is given proper care and attention. We are keen to do good deeds, so what do you say? Wanna lend us a helping hand and become Gray’s miracle and his furever family?
He can be found at

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