I want home. Please take me with you

My dears, I am in an awful situation. I woke up in the street and I couldn’t find my way back home. I was cold and hungry and out of despair. I began to look for help. I’ve yelled, cried, jumped up, sang serenades to people but everything seemed in vane.

It was like I was “The Invisible Man“, no one would notice me no matter how hard I’ve yelled. When I was tired and hopeless ,a lady asked me what’s wrong. I was so happy cause I’ve realized I am not invisible. I told her I was afraid to stay on the streets and asked her to take me home. The lady said she couldn’t because her husband won’t allow it.

Then I’ve heard her talking on the phone and crying .And so I’ve arrived to Robi. For now I am to Spiru Haret where I will be checked and neutered….and from here problems begin, cause I want a home not a cat shelter.

So my dears, my request to you is to help me find a responsible family, who cares about me and who can take good care of me so I can’t lose myself again.

Please share my story. You will find me at asociatia.robi@gmail.com.