Izumi, cat for adoption

Tonight one of our volunteers went for a walk in the Izvor Park. There she happened to meet the young lady in these images, she sat on a fence, looking scared. We find it hard to believe she decided by herself to wander away from home, being such a little helpless kitten. It’s more likely someone left her there, with a vague hope that maybe she has a chance somehow. She was lucky we took her before a dog could rip her apart, but we are overwhelmed and we pray to find a home for her, urgently. 
The kitty has unusual colors, she is a diluted tricolor cat, approximately 10 weeks old. For the moment she got dewormed and treated against fleas. We called her Izumi, the Japanese word for “source”, “spring” (“izvor” in Romanian, after the park where she was found).
If you want to adopt Izumi, please e-mail us at: