Change fear in hapiness with foster

Lipi and Rock are 2 puppies taken soon from a forest and because of the lack of places they ended up in the shelter. What do you read in their eyes?
It is fear! They do not know that people can offer them caress, love and a better life. They don’t know yet that they don’t need to worry about tomorrow. Help us showing them what a family means.
If you have a house with a bit of free space where to keep them, talk to them, caress them, and offer them a life at which they cannot even dream please contact us at . A while, even a week or two, of temporary shelter would transform them into those playful doggies that we know and all of us want.
At the shelter time is limited and we cannot stay with them as much as we wish, and for that they will probably grow scared by people and their adoption will be really difficult.
The 2 brothers are approximately 3-4 months old are not aggressive and their reaction at the touch of people is to run away or not move at all.
Please help them and share their story