Little Mathias

How we picked him? Simple we saw from the road two girls playing at the limit of a village on the field with ‘something’. From our experience ‘something’ small, in the middle of the road or in the hands of people is almost every time an animal. Our hearts start to beat faster, we approach to see what is all about hoping in the same time is only a regular object.. but this time it wasn’t just a bag.

So dear friends, we present you little Mathias: a two month and a half tomcat, very beautiful but skinny, dirty with flies and an eye infection and worse, a bone fracture badly healed with the bones joint in wrong positions for which he needs surgery and probably he’ll have a metal plate. He’ll stay in clinic for a few days until he is done with the surgery, but he needs TEMPORARY SHELTER, in an environment as quite as possible. Our houses are already full and the kittens we have may disturb him or upset him or could involve him too strong in plays.

If you can provide shelter for him until he recovers please send an e-mail at

If you want to financially help please donate into our account:

Robi Animal Protection Association/ Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi

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Thank you in advance!