Keep me away from friends, because i manage to keep myself away from enemies

 We are overcrowded and the growing number of animals from the shelter means worst life for the animals who had been taken from the streets earlier. In the conditions when only two or three dogs are adopted in one month in Romania, you can realise that there are not enough space for the dogs we take monthly from the street. We asked for help in many cases when we couldn’t take the animals, a thing to blame of course, and it seems that people refuse  to understand our situation.

Saturday, when we arived to the shelter we found a box with seven puppies in it, recently abonded. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case and people refuse to understand thar our powers are limited and it we’ll be incresingly harder for us to continue our activity. Because not many people are aware where is the shelter, we don’t understand why our ‚friends’ didn’t ask for our help to neuter the female dog, instead of giving us this puppies as a ”gift”.

The puppies have about a month and they are too little to be kept on an enclosure because they could get out from the barrs. Also, they have to be separated from the other dogs to avoid being bitten by them. Besides this, the puppies could be sick and they could get sick the other dogs from the shelter because some were recently taken and they don’t have the full set of  vaccines. Or better, they could themselves ill and then what was saved by the generous people?

We know that the people who abandoned the puppies are iresponsable, because it’s hard for them to sterilized their female dog, but it’s hard to understand why they want to harm our dogs that we keep in the shelter. The puppies have a place where they can stay for a week because they’ve been taken by a volunteer and they will be kept in a closed balcony. After this period, we don’t have a place where to keep them, and therefore we hope for a miracle.

The puppies are dewormed both internally and externally and if you can adopt them or you could offer them a temporary home, please contact us at: