Degetica for adoption/foster

Degetica has grown and now needs a home. Below you can read her description written by the person who is temporarily sheltering her:

– she is intelligent (for this reason it would be a catastrophe for her to remain behind bars) and has a posh daily routine. She realized that the bed and the armchairs are desirable objects and their acquisition appears high on her “to do list”.

– she feels the need to play with other animals, yet the human always remains most important and interesting for her. She rarely plays on her own.

– I cannot yet tell whether she understands the use of the absorbent blankets or whether she uses them because she is attracted by the urine smell. However, it is safe to say that she is an intelligent and relatively clean puppy.

– I say relatively clean because occasionally she drips milk on the floor after drinking it.

– she understands corrections although she often tries to ignore them – as she really is smart. She “shouts” at me if I flick her lightly, and if that doesn’t work she kisses me to ask forgiveness.

– she need a firm and active owner, not one who wishes a clam and quiet puppy.

– I think that if she were to find a home in the North Pole or somewhere near Santa Claus she would be most happy, as the young lady always attempts to enter and sleep in the fridge despite the A.C working hard to cool down the house. She does not associate the fridge with food because she is fed in a different side of the kitchen.

– During the last month she shared the house with 2 difficult dogs and a cat; she came out of the experience amused, as she is the adaptable type who often likes to test the limits before respecting them.

– I doubt she will be astoundingly – or even modestly – beautiful, yet she gives some extraordinarily intelligent looks while her happiness tends to spread to everyone around her, caressing their hearts.

– she is in need of a temporary or permanent home. If you wish to take this little wonder home, please send an email to

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