Tara a happy dog

There you go, it is possible for a hopeless dog in Romania to have a beautiful life in Germany. Why Romanians cannot appreciate their dogs?

Here is what Olivia writes us:

‘Today I spoke with almost all the people who adopted dogs lately. Tara, Ica, Dakota (Hannah), Vespa, Nana, Bondi, Leggy and everything is alright; everyone of them adapted really good.

About Ica I found out that was at agility where she had a 10, she jumps over fences, obstacles with an incredible easiness and pleasure. Of course they want to finish the primary school first with her, the base course and after the agility. She already learned sit, down, stop, give her paw in nearly 2 weeks.

Vespa and Nana reached well at their foster and from what I understood they will probably be adopted there.

In the attachment you have a few pictures with Tara and her new colleagues.’

If we would receive only this sort of news… it would be heaven.