Female dog found at Dedeman

This female dog was found today inside the Dedeman Shop fromGiurgiului Street. The dog has a red collar and from what the shop doorman told us she is lost. From the info desk we found out that the little one was lost two weeks ago while she entered many times in the shop.

The doorman told us that a few days ago two young females asked about a similar dog and because the doorman didn’t see the dog at that moment told them that she is not there. The dog is in our care now she is kept in a home at heath but she refuses to eat. She is very weak but at the same time glad that she escaped the cold outside.

We hope that her masters will see our post and will recover her soon. Please share her album, we wish the little one to find her true owners. We left our phone number at Dedeman is case her owners won’t give up searching.

Because we are full with all kinds of animals we wish TEMPORARY SHELTER for her until we manage to find her owners.

You can contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com