She had not moved from that place for at least three days – Relya

That place is in Bucharest behind a bus stop. Many people passed by, but no one bothered to even look at the doggy.
Almost no one bothered to check if she was ok, almost no one gave her a piece of bread and certainly no one gave her a sip of water.
I say almost no one, because Aurelia, our caretaker who happens to pass this place on her way back home, noticed her, gave her to eat whatever she had in her bag, she poured her some water in a glass and today she told me that a dog was starving.
Today we also went together to check up on her. We found her at the same place, gentle, quiet and hopeless.
She was glad that we paid her attention, I noticed that he shad problems in one of her paws that was swollen and unfunctional, so we took her with us.
Now she’s safe, she’ll be taken to the clinic tomorrow where she’ll be checked up and treated.
We will come back with news about her after we find out if her paw can be fixed.
We’ll call her Relya.

UPDATE: April 6, 2020
We don’t know what happens to some of the dogs. They are more human than many people, they extraordinarily kind which is difficult to explain considering that they have been abandoned and this causes them not only suffering but even physical trauma.
What makes them still trust people, that we do not know. We know, however, that they fully deserve our help and especially deserve to be adopted by families that will ensure them a decent living for the rest of their lives.
Relya did not impress just us and those who were following our work, but also the whole team of doctors from Dr. Bercaru Clinic. And they rarely encounter a patient that is “A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES”.
Relya is almost human and this is not an overstatement.
She had surgery today and we hope she will recover as soon as possible.
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