25073205_1804786782927203_8192771744775809291_oADOPTED 6 December 2020

Gender: Female
Date of birth: August-September 2017
Neutered: YES

She is educated and eager for affection. If you like Casey and want to adopt her please contact us at:

Casey is part of a case we solved a while ago. Here are the details:
12 kittens and one of their mothers were abandoned somewhere in Bucharest in a suitcase and a sealed box. One lady heard them crying and took the courage to open the suitcase and the box. At first glance every one of them looked dead, because none was moving.
Then they started moving one by one and after recovering from the shock, the lady who found them called us asking for our help. All were admitted to Dr. Bercaru Clinic where they were treated because most had a bad cold.

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