50754125_2495205987218609_433868701364649984_oGender: Male
Date of birth: ~ June 2017
Neutered: YES

When he was only a few months old, at the end of 2017, he was found in a serious condition, full of dirt and not able to stand. We took care of him until he recovered and was adopted soon after.
The adoptive family promised us they would not leave him outside except supervised .. but the reality was quite different and the owners returned him after 7 months because he felt ill and they couldn’t afford to treat him.

So we made him better again, and now he has a slightly waddling gait that does not bother him. He is also a carrier of toxoplasmosis, even though he is now cured. We do not know why bad luck follows him wherever he goes, but we really hope for a miracle, for a human to cherish and treat him well, because he deserves peace and quiet after all he has been through.
Those who want a big, beautiful and elegant tomcat, are kindly asked to write an email to asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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