57644657_2395405013824610_6620139998802870272_nGender: Male
Date of birth:
Neutered: YES

In January someone asked us to help a kitten hit by the car. The next day the kitty was admitted to the Dr. Bercaru Clinic where he received the necessary care.
Initially he was not docile at all, but he has always been a chatterbox. He doesn’t look good because he doesn’t have an eye anymore, his mouth is crooked but he LIVES.
He was operated on and things are going well for him even though we realized he doesn’t even see with his left eye either. Fortunately, he was taken into foster care.
He still likes to talk a lot and to shout at the master until he finds him in the house. He arrives without problems at the place where he is given food when he hears the noise of the kibbles. He is very loving and as the days go by he knows better and better the house he currently lives in.
Bonus: he gets along great with the doggy with whom he shares the house.

What’s missing? a loving family, which ideally has a gentle animal and a stable home (so that he learns how to get around and he does not change the location often)
If you like Figaro and want to give him a chance, write us an email to

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