Alina Elenic

25 years old. Volunteer since February 2012.

I’ve always loved animals and they are very dear to me. For me sitting next to an animal is an easy way to escape stress, worries, grief, and to feel their sincere love. I don’t know how much the animals needed me, but I think I needed them. So I stopped standing around and I chose to feel the bittersweet taste that exists in the fight to protect animal rights.

I researched what animal protection association there are and I noticed that the Robi Association is ready for action like me. I didn’t expect bubbles, festive dinners or other ways of making the volunteer happy, I wanted to see that all the Robi team’s actions, money and thoughts would go towards the animals. And so it was! The querulous in me didn’t have what to comment on, so I stayed in the resort where the most amazing love cures are done, at Robi.

How do I feel since I am in the Robi family? I feel that I am doing something useful, I feel understood by people that are crazy about animals and what is most important is that I feel the love of the animals that can cure any problem. Even if furries can’t talk, they understand us sometimes better than we can express how we feel.

Any person that would like to help the animals must be altruistic, to believe in what he or she does and must have the strength to fight with some people’s preconceived or monomaniacal ideas, to fight with the weather, with the slight chances and to believe that the future will be better. Nothing can be changed overnight. The only things that can make a better day are today’s happy tails.

You don’t have an always warm soul next to you? Then I fear for your heart, blood vessels, or any other organ that is affected by stress and could give out. Fortunately we still aceept volunteers that can enjoy this therapy among the Robi animals. Because I understand that not everybody can work as a volunteer we have the backup solution, adopting a puppy or kitten.

‘Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul’ (Pythagoras)