Be a volunteer

If you’ve reached this page, this means you want to join the Robi Association Volunteers. Our efforts are directed towards improving the life of as much stray animals as possible, education of the population regarding the benefits of animal neutering, and the fight against abandon and cruelty on animals.
Volunteer status in our association assumes more activities, among which:
– help at the shelter;
– participation at events;
– temporary foster of pets until adoption (the association takes care at this time of some 200 puppies and 40 cats in various locations, including volunteers’ homes, but always new cases occur, temporary foster being therefore very important;
– posting announcements for adoption sites to find adopters
– travel to special cases
– translate posts into English and German
– promoting the association
– obtaining funds through sponsoring, redirecting 2% from the income taxation, and also redirecting from profit taxation, in case of companies.
Apart from usual activities, various problems occur and you can help solving them.
Please think in what measure can you involve and how much time can you dedicate to the association and send a message with the subject  “I want to be a volunteer” on the email address, mentioning how could you help. You shall be given more details depending on your availability.
We await you in our team,
ROBI Association Volunteers