My dower

Some flees, a little dirt in my ears, uncertainty of tomorrow, fear for today when I was chased from the family I thought is mine, that’s my dower.

 I am still shocked and I will never understand why people do that to animals. Why they let us come in this world and then throw us like garbage? What they imagine, we can handle ourselves alone in the streets? Did they have any idea what is happening with us in the streets, how much pain we feel?

What is wrong with you people? Haven’t you heard about neuter animals?

Why you left my mother gave birth to me, villain man, if you threw me away like a cloth?

Dear friends, please don’t be upset with me because of all these questions but you have to know we are out of patience and we can’t understand how can people do this to us.

However I am willing to forgive and enjoy a responsible family, with the massage only I can do. Nobody can compete with me in this chapter, kneading and massaging.

 Who knows cats, can figure out from my photo, how much I like purring and kneading.

My dear family, what do you say, will you take me home?
I am waiting your e-mail to