A tomcat and his sister are waiting to be adopted

pisoii-miciTwo abandoned kittens, from a series of 6, didn’t get the chance to be adopted yet, despite the fact that they’re beautiful and healthy.

The one with a little more black is the male, and the other one the female. The two siblings were present last saturday in Obor area park, at ADOPet, and were waiting for you to come see how lovely they are.

The little ones are living in a cage for more then a month, because there’s no other option for them, and they are sick of living in such a small place.
They have grown and they need to romp around and cheer people and they’re very sad about not being able to.
Take a look to see how they can enchant you.

If you can foster or adopt them please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com