Mom Miruna and the 5 kittens

pisoii andreeiEven though she isn’t bigger than a 6 months old kitty cat, and probably she isn’t really much older, Miruna is an extraordinary mother. She gave birth to her kittens in a deserted garden with lots of green grasses, under a washbasin turned upside down, God only knows how she managed to raise all of them, despite the rains and storms in May, until someone saw them and made a big effort to take all six of them in his house.
The kittens are now approximately two months old, they are plump and pretty, playful, healthy, dewormed, treated against fleas, already accustomed to use the litter box. Mother Miruna will be neutered soon and we strongly wish she would not go back alone to her deserted garden, because, as she told us, it’s much better in a human’s home. She is a very well behaved, gentle and grateful pussy cat.
They are all offered for adoption in Bucharest.
Contact: or 0745.740.321.