The four that scared .. the residents

pisicile-salvateWe’ve been recently informed that some pussycats needed adoption or temporary foster homes. 
We were told that the people living in that block of flats had closed off the entrance to the cats’ place and they intended to also seal off the hole through which the cats went into the basement for shelter (the basement seems not to be used, as it is flooded). 
So we armed ourselves with a trap, a net, a few envelopes of wet catfood and some patience.
The first one we caught was the siamese or burmese half breed. She is now at a person who volunteered to help with foster care for the little ones. 
The next on the list was the black kitty – she is now at a Robi volunteer.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch the tabby and the grey ones, but we’ll soon try to get them too. The grey one has dodged the net twice and the tabby didn’t even have the courage to get out of the basement.
The mother cat is special. She takes very good care of the kittens and she can certainly offer a lot of love to a human too. If you want to adopt her or to temporarily offer her a foster home, please send us an e-mail at 
The black kitten was named Selene and she turns out not to be very wild. When she’s taken into the arms of a human she freezes and wants to run away, but she doesn’t attack and she decided not to bite or spit. We’ll be back with more information about her. 
Selene now says goodnight, cuddled in my arms, as she fell asleep under a bedsheet