Zaza was near death

Three kittens, two white and orange colored and a white and black one, were abandoned on a street in Bucharest. Of course on this street live a few dogs so they started to run after them. Two of the kittens climbed on a tree and the white with black which we called Zaza, found a refuge in a household, for a while only because she was caught in a dog’s teeth.

Her luck was that we were there in that moment so we yelled for the dog’s owner to free the kitten from its mouth. The little one was in shock and we were afraid that she won’t survive. She was really lucky that she was seen as soon as caught by the dog.
Now Zaza is in our care. She was seen by a vet and is seems she has a broken diaphragm. Because the diagnostic is not sure yet she will be held under observation for a few days, and then we shall see exactly what’s wrong.
In the last period we took in our care more animals than we can afford and it’s getting really hard for us financially. Every animal taken means spending money and unfortunately, lately, our donations are insufficient for our expenses, as the special cases are, from which we cannot walk away.
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