Whitey needs foster for 6 days

Do you remember Whitey the dog that was hit in the head?
Well, he is in foster care until he will be adopted and proved to be a very good and obiedient dog, that doesn’t ask for much. He was trimmed because he had a mycosis, but the cold doesn’t bother his too much when he knows that he is protected now.

Because the person that fosters him now is leaving from town for a few days, we need a new foster since Tuesday morning until Sunday evening.

Whitey is a dog that loves to have walks, but he needs a person that can keep him in the leash because he likes to go and sniff everything around. Beside that strong arm, Whitey needs a person that can give him the medicines once a day.
If you can take care of him for 6 days we are waiting for your message at asociatia.robi@gmail.com 

More pictures and a video with him now, you can see here