Robi Volunteers and the dogs in death danger

Because nobody thought to sterilize a female dog cuthberted in a neighborhood full of cottages, the little one brought into this world 2 rows of puppies. From the first birth survived 4 puppies, 3 females and a male. The female dog has now another row of puppies, 5 puppies who are about one month old. From all those wealthy people neither one did anything to protect them from the terrible frost.
Their luck was as a young mother (a lady with a baby), she saw them and although, the distance to her house was more than one kilometer, she began to take them daily food and dare to improvise a shelter. Her effort was in vain because two men rushed to ruin the small couch and threaten them with poisoning.
The young mother did not bear the thought and asked for our help so here they are, our volunteers Alina and Mihai, helping to move the little ones. Unfortunately, two of the younger puppies, did not let themselves captured, so we will need to go again to that location to catch them, especially all the female puppies, who have now about six months and are pregnant. Imagine what drama it will be if the 3 pregnant females will give birth to other puppies. They were moved from the location where they were unwanted, but in the new location they have to face many dangers while they are sitting on a public domain, near to a circulated road. 
And all the drama of these dogs is only because no one bothered to neuter a female dog. We will sterilize wild females as quickly as possible. 
All puppies and their mother need to be adopted. Life on the streets is not safe for them. If you like any of the dogs or want to help this case, please contact us at We will put you in direct contact with the hearted women who did not remain indifferent to the fate of the little ones even if at home she had a baby.
CONGRATULATIONS Mommy, we wish you all the best for you and your family!