Will Dolly get home?

Dolly is a female dog taking by us when she was just a little and beautiful puppy. Now she is grown up and still beautiful, she was liked by a lady from Great Britain. We are worried about the cost of transport but more worried about Dolly’s behavior, because she is a shy. She is not aggressive but she doesn’t stay to be pet and loved. For this reason we need help.
 If you can take Dolly for a week or two and try to socialize her please send us an e-mail to asociatia.robi@gmail.com.
It’s her chance to a better life and we wish, from all our heart, to reach her home. But first we have to know if she can adapt to a new life without harming herself, for example if she starts to starve herself when she is away from the shelter. Please help Dolly not to catch another winter in shelter.