URGENT! 40 cats for adoption

A few days ago we received a help request for 41 cats under the care of a 83 year old gentleman.
Mr. M besides of his advanced age has leukemia. His life hangs by a thread of hair.
Over time he gathered 41 cats of which he took care of as much as he could in the sense that he fed, spoiled, loved them and sterilized the majority.
Because he loves them very much, he wants to know that they are safe when he will no longer live.
He asked us to help find owners for his beautiful cats. Today I was with Alina S. and M. Cristina to assess the situation. We found 40 cats because in the meantime one of the smallest kittens died.
Most cats look good, some are great mongrels but some have serious health problems. All have ear mite.
We’ve already took three of them: Katy that we will show immediately for adoption and two little ones with problems who are now hospitalized at City Vet. One by one we will present them all, hoping they will be adopted by people with soul.
Soon we will improve their lives, for as long they will stay in the apartment they live now.
We also seek to improve the life of Mr. M. who impressed us with his goodness.
Most of them are beautiful and healthy with the exception of ear mite that can be treated.
We thank those who will help us.