We really must find a place for Necajila

necajilaHe still has to keep the rod in his leg (across the fracture, to keep it in position) for about a month, but he’s healing very well and he doesn’t need to stay in the clinic any more.
We’re looking at least for a TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME for him, if not even for someone to ADOPT him permanently, in Bucharest. Until after the removal of the rod, he needs a relatively quiet and peaceful environment, without other cats or just with a quiet one, he mustn’t run around and stress his leg too much. He also needs people with PATIENCE and tact, because for the moment he’s quite grumpy, at least at the clinic he wasn’t the most sociable cat, which is completely understandable, life in the hospital is one thing and life in a home is another thing 🙂 
We are certain he’s going to make a full recovery in time and, near the right people, he will become a normal tomcat, well behaved and affectionate.
If you can offer him a home, at least temporarily, in Bucharest, please write to us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com or call us at the phone number 0745.740.321