Snow is urgently looking for an owner!

Snow is a very beautiful, but unlucky girl.

After she was abandoned at one month of age, we took her in our care and, as she was a pretty puffy little white puppy, she was adopted almost immediately.

Unfortunately our joy was short lived, as three months after her owner decided he was too lazy to take her for walks two times a day. So she was returned to us.

The second time was a bit more difficult to find her a home, because she wasn’t a small puppy anymore. But when she turned six months it seemed that fate was once again on her side, and she was adopted again. Again, in an apartment, but that didn’t last, either. After only two months she was passed on to an aunt of the one who adopted her, because she didn’t have time for her… so she ended up in a yard.

It seemed that that was the end of it, and it all ended well after all… She was taken care of, well enough fed, had space to play, freedom… until a few days ago, when we received a phone call. They can’t keep her anymore, because the aunt is moving to an apartment… and can’t take her along. We have to take her away in a week.

This is a really big problem for us. The shelter is full, and besides it would be a shock for her to be taken there. As beautiful as she is, it would be a real shame.

Snow is one and a half years old, she is vaccinated and spayed. She looks a bit like a white German shepherd, although she is smaller and a bit thinner.

Snow needs somebody responsible to adopt her. If you can finally give her the home she needs, please contact us at If you can’t please SHARE!

Thank you.

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