Sad, a cat in need for help

SadIt’s been a while since we took over Sad and we were hoping she was not going to stay with us for long until her adoption, but we were very wrong. She is certainly the saddest of all cats we have ever taken in our care. We can hardly understand her behaviour. Someone found her, sheltered her for a while then we took her in our care. Sad is eating only quality dry food and occasionally wet food of a certain brand. She never goes in the litter box, always near it, and that means she doesn’t stand much chance to be adopted.

But what’s worse in her situation is the fact that she doesn’t have a normal cat attitude, but rather a BORED one. She doesn’t want anything, she doesn’t ask to be caressed, she enjoys nothing, she’s always absent. She looks completely indifferent to anything happening around her.

We pay her all attention possible and she has a special program of caresses, walks and so on, but the results are almost invisible in her case. 

We think maybe she doesn’t like living with us and that’s why we dare to ask for your help. If you’d like to give her a chance even in the conditions mentioned above (she doesn’t go in the litter box, always near it), please contact us at:

If you cannot take her in your home but you still want to help her BY ADOPTING HER VIRTUALLY, please contact us at: