Rott needs a family

Rott was probably abandoned because of his illness. He has cancer and, unfortunately, no treatment can help him. His overall condition is still good. He is a joyful dog, loves going on walks and has a great appetite ( would have eaten non stop since we got him) so putting him to sleep is out of the question for now. When he will start to feel sick and in pain, Rott will be put to sleep to spare him any suffering. Untill then, it would be great if he is adopted even for the few months he has left to live.
It would be ideal if he were adopted by someone that can provide a yard and can take him for walks. For a short time at least, he should know what being loved feels like, what having a family really means so he can leave at peace.
If you wish to brighten what’s left of his life, if you want to be there for him and love him, please contact us :
Thank you on behalf of Rott.