Three legged kitten needs foster

URGENT! We ask for help regarding temporary shelter for a kitten that will remain with 3 paws. If you can provide shelter for her please contact us at

You can read her story here:

‘I write you for a kitten with an accident. Although, the vet that saw her 1 month ago said she is paralyzed, she managed to stand on one back leg… and runs off every time I enter in the yard to catch her.

She managed to survive on the snow, probably hidden between the walls, she crawled in the snow and somehow resisted, I gave her food and began to allow me to caress her. So on Monday evening I caught her and took her at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty.

Unfortunately, the right leg cannot be saved, she has a nerve problem, reason why she holds it in the air and crawls it after her. Because of this the leg has wounds, and from what I understood from the vet it cannot be healed because she cannot feel the leg.

I left her at the hospital for treatment with antibiotic, especially that I cannot keep her in my house. She will have surgery tomorrow and so she will remain there. The ones from the clinic said that she will be able to manage on her own with 3 legs and no special assistance is required.