Little guy in trouble

We don’t know exactly what happened with the little one from these images, but we know that he really needs your good thoughts. Today we received a message to help a Pekingese pup, who was in danger of death. The person who asked for help is a young man, with no financial possibilities but with a good heart. He told us that the puppy is in trouble and that his owners cannot afford to treat him at a vet.  The sweet one was at the City Vet Clinic today and the news are bad. Right before he arrived at the clinic with the doggie it seemed like he died. After a few minutes he managed to find the clinic and noticed that the dog didn’t die but he was in a really bad condition. He was spinning in a circle and didn’t know what happened with him. The conclusion of the vet Aurora Sasu, (the one who took him) was that the puppy fell and that was fatal for him. She cannot guarantee that he’ll survive so please PRAY FOR HIS LIFE