Husky Cross and 2 puppies – for adoption

While the authorities are busy inventing the most absurd solutions to reduce the number of stray dogs, for instance trying to pass a law to fine (5000 RON) the people that feed the strays, irresponsible owners continue to abandon their animals without fear of being fined at all, even though for this crime called ABANDONMENT there is an article of legislation and a right punishment: PRISON, according to the Law for the protection of animals no 9/2008.
We never saw this law enforced, not even with a fine, and we cannot understand why the authorities aren’t trying to solve this problem first, as it’s of a vital importance in any attempt to reduce the number of strays.

But, until the authorities open their eyes and do what must be done, these little ones need responsible owners, so if you like one of them, please contact us at: