Martina needs urgent foster

MartinaThe little girl in this album, which we named Martina, was found on the street. We don’t know how this sweet fluffy one ended up alone on the streets, we can only assume she was abandoned because she had hundreds of fleas and that’s why she scratched herself until she almost lost her fur. We took Martina with us tonight, she was treated against fleas and we’ll take her for an exam tomorrow, so we’ll be back with more details about her.
As we lack temporary foster homes for animals we take in our care, we need to ask for your help in her case. Can you offer her a temporary home? If you can help Martina, please contact us at:

We are crossing a finacial crisis period like no other in a while, so we remind you the accounts in which you can donate to help us continue our activity.
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Thank you once again for helping the animals in our care