In Morarilor Park

RECEIVED ON MAIL! Attention! – if you stay in the area and can take pictures / videos please send them to us!

“Yesterday 21.03.2013 in Morarilor Park happened the following:

– A crew of Sector 2 City Hall surrounded the enclosures to catch the neutered dogs. They were neutered by the veterinary office that has a contract with the City District 2 and brought back into the territory. The mother was in the enclosure with another lady and their dogs, began shooting outside the cage in dogs, without regard that in the enclosure were some people with their dogs. The mother asked them to let her go because she has heart problems, but was not allowed to leave and began shooting.

Last night we interned her in the hospital because she had a panic attack. The dog catchers didn’t respect the regime of weapons and ammunition, they sequestered the people who were in the enclosure and began shooting, and you can imagine what went through these people? The dog catchers from District 2 Hall justified that there has been bitten a pregnant woman by a homeless dog. This pregnant woman is a assistant at the veterinary office of Dr. Cornel, on the highroad Vergului and did not prove that she really was or was not bitten by the dogs, although these dog catchers from second sector Hall acted without taking the smaller precautions for the dogs with owners.

2 years ago they threw sausages with poison and 10 dogs with owners died .When a complaint was made they entirely denied, but at this time on their machine was wrote Sector 2 Hall. Please make public what happened in the Morarilor park in the enclosures.

They announced that would come to the park today and i believe they will come  at 13.30 – 14.00 “