Lord give me a home!

Hey you, who got out of a car and start hitting me with a crowbar in the head and left me there….please tell me what have I done wrong? Do you know that because of this you ruined my life and I can hardly see now? Do you think I will survive like this, on the side of the road? God, please forgive his madness, but I am also asking from the bottom of my heart please find me a home!

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CONTACT: babtanmariana@yahoo.com


This case was taking over by Asociatia Robi. I consider that in this way this case will be safe and transparent, much better than to receive help in private. I received a request for adoption from another city inRomania(unfortunately is to far away fromBucharest) but I would like first to go and see an ophthalmologist and also deworm and vaccinate him.

If you want to help him, you can donate in one of Asociatia Robi’s accounts mentioning: “for Whitey”. Please don’t donate to any private person who is asking help for him. If you stay inBucharestor around and want to adopt him please send me an email. The most important thing is to find him a home.