Dog left at the passers mercy – URGENT foster needed

Update 26.12.2012: Meanwhile we received some news about this case.
It seems to have a master (the kind who likes to drink) that lets him occasionally bounded (We could not find out why). The fact is that the gentleman who noticed us promised that he will be look into this and will keep us informed.

This dog was tied by a fence by his master and left there. It’s cold for him, has no freedom of movement, a shelter, only a crust of bread. The person  ho asked us met the ‘master’ who  didn’t recognized that he abandoned the dog, just said that sometimes he leaves the dog  there ..

What is the dog doing there alone, we don’t know, but it’s clear that he needs temporary accommodation. If the dog stays there longer, it is likely to freeze. We can help with food, deworming but please help us with a warm place where to stay. If you like to foster him a few days, please contact us at This dog doesn’t know to handle alone on the streets .. and can be attacked by other dogs. Being tied to the fence has no more chances.