6 abandoned puppies need foster or adoption

catei abandonatiToday when we left from our shelter we found these 6 pups abandoned on the road that connects our shelter with the main road.
Unfortunately this barbarian technique to let you female dog to be pregnant and to take her pups after she gives birth and throw them in a FIELD after is used and practiced by majority.
It is not the first time when people knowing about our shelter leave such innocent pups around it… they simply pass away their problems with no regrets!
When will understand the Romanians that they need to neuter their animals? How many such innocent puppies are thrown now in the middle of nowhere and, apart from these with such luck to be discovered, are not seen and they are not saved? How many innocent pups are now dying and no one sees them and takes them?
We kindly ask you if you have the possibility to help us and take in foster care 1 pup, 2 pups (or if you have a yard maybe 3) to contact us. In the shelter they are too young to survive and foster care even for 1 month would do wonders until we make them the vaccine shots.
They are 4 puppies about 2 months old and 2 pups around 4 months old. Please if you can adopt them or provide temporary shelter to contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com