2 fluffy need foster or adoption

Update : 03.11.2012

These little brothers were lucky to be found, but unfortunately for the little boy was to late. His infected wounds were cleaned up by the veterinary and also his limps from the neck were treated. He was bitten by a rat and it had a high infection, because of that he couldn’t eat.

He was fed with the syringe ,had perfusion, antibiotic and treatment, all in vane because it was to late for him. The girl is OK, she is jolly, is eating well ,but now she is alone. We suffered a lot after the little boy, but it’s still hope for the little girl(who is white as a sheep) to find a loving owner or at least someone who can foster her until adoption. If you can help her please write an e-mail to asociatia.robi@gmail.com.

2 puppies were found abandoned on a field outside of Bucharest. We do not know for how long they had been there and it is possible they had been bitten by rodents such as rats causing them infection. Now they are under treatment and they need shelter. They are 2 months old tops and have long fur. The white one is a girl and the black and white one is a boy. Who can provide shelter for them is asked to send an e-mail at asociatia.robi@gmail.com