Stevie wants to live

stevie vrea sa traiascaStevie wants to live and that’s the best news for today. Until a few hours ago we’d been very worried because the doggy refused to eat.

If you don’t know why he was left without his eyes click here:
That’s the way he was found, tied with a cable to a fence and with his eyes ripped out.

Then he was taken to the clinic to undergo surgery
He was operated, he didn’t feel well at all afterwards.
He ate but vomited all, he drank a lot of water and he vomitted it too, then he refused to eat anymore.

But after today’s IV therapy Stevie started to eat and thus he showed us he wants to live. We hope he will get better as soon as possible. Thanks a lot to everyone who didn’t remain indifferent and supported Stevie anyway they could, even with just their good thoughts. With your help Stevie will be able to continue to live.