Incredible. Thank you Sorana U

“Ask and you will receive”
We asked and received .
If you remember the old dog that had a serious problem, you need to find out that RINGO (meantime we found out that he’s got a name) was adopted by SORANA U., who we thank a lot. We didn’t even dream that this dog will have a new life. All we did is wish he will have a good life in his last years.

And the miracle happened. Ringo arrived today to his new location where he is enjoying a comfort we dream for all our dogs. In winter he will no longer huddle and the snow will no longer melt under him because the cute old dog will have light and heat in his carpeted new room and all that thanks to a very special lady SORANA U.

Surely we can’t never thank Sorana enough for what she did for Ringo. Sorana we will remain deeply indebted. 
We wish Ringo a long , healthy life and we hope he will be very happy and he will enjoy his new life.